With NFL Sunday Ticket moving to YouTube TV for the 2023 season, the streaming service is dealing with an influx of new subscribers. It also means YouTube TV will be changing some of its streaming rules to please its new audience.

Usually, YouTube TV limits accounts to three simultaneous streams, meaning one account can’t play the same program on more than three devices at the same time. However, after Sunday Ticket users complained that this would interfere with their ability to watch football on Sundays, YouTube TV has decided to make a change and allow for unlimited simultaneous streams for in-home viewing.

DirectTV had held the rights to Sunday Ticket since 1994, so the streaming platform is new territory for the league’s signature subscription package.

While commercial establishments such as bars and restaurants will keep access to Sunday Ticket through DirectTV, everyone else will be viewing the package on the new platform. YouTube TV’s decision to allow simultaneous streaming is a good start to get on the right side of its new audience.