PACIFIC, Mo. – Jake Wallace’s favorite hideout spot is on the shooting range.

Jake, who lives in St. Charles, has been trap shooting for the better part of the last 15 years, and his entry into the shooting sports world is unique.

“When I was 11, I ended up breaking my right hip, and I was confined to a wheelchair and body cast for about 23 months,” Jake said. “That’s when I turned to trap shooting because it was something I could do from a seated position.”

Jake recovered from his hip injury. However, the gun, the shells, and the targets stayed around long enough for Jake to build a successful international career.

Jake has about 20 medals from international competitions. He is also on a short list of people to earn a perfect score. He once 125 targets hit out of 125 in one round.

“It was a great feeling,” Jake said. “I ended up winning silver at that event. It only made it more special to walk away with a medal by breaking a world record.”

This year Jake qualified for the 2022 World Championships to be held in Croatia in September. He hopes he is on his way to checking off his next accomplishment.

“The ultimate goal is to represent the United States in the Olympics,” Jake said. “What’s so cool about my journey is that it’s unexpected. With each milestone and achievement. It comes with so much joy.”

If you want to get involved with shooting sports, check out the Winchester Ammunition website and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.