St. Louis Baseball fans calling on MLB owners and players to end lockout


ST. LOUIS — The assistant general manager of the Post Sports Bar & Brill in Creve Coeur remembers the last time a work stoppage interrupted baseball. The year was 1994.

“I was only 9 years old,” said Will Boyer. “I didn’t watch baseball for 2 years after that.”

Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement expired Wednesday night. Boyer hopes an agreement is reached before fan frustration grows.

Team owners have pushed for expanding playoffs which would increase their revenue. Players have expressed concerns over their share of team revenue and pay for players who are not superstars. Fans have concerns about the lockout beyond baseball.

“I think there are people that are going to be affected by this that are not really involved, and I don’t want to see that happen,” said baseball fan Nick Sorel.

Some fans are also concerned about the fate of the annual Winter Warm-up.

“I used to be a teacher, and I actually had students that would come in and talk about how impactful that was on them and just growing their love of the game,” said baseball fan Rebekah Kersey.

Another fan, Irene Levinson, said: “Let’s get that deal done and let them play baseball.”

Baseball fan Bronson Melvin agrees. He said, “The quicker they can find a resolution, the happier everyone is going to be, and we can move on.”

The St. Louis Cardinals shared the following message on social media Thursday with team fans:

As you may have heard, the collective bargaining agreement with the Players Association has expired. As a result, MLB has taken the step of locking out Major League players in hopes of accelerating the process to reach an agreement. Like our fans, we as an organization are disappointed in the situation.

We have faith in Commissioner Manfred and the leadership team at MLB, and we are confident that there is a path to an agreement, and that both sides will work together to strengthen the game we all love.

Above all else, we appreciate your ongoing support and patience as we worth through this process. For more information and ongoing updates, please visit


The St. Louis Cardinals

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