ST. LOUIS – The National Hockey League voted to allow advertisements on jerseys for the 2022-2023 season, and the St. Louis Blues have named their partner.

On Thursday, the Blues and Stifel announced a five-year agreement that places the Stifel logo on all the team’s sweaters beginning next season. Stifel Financial is a wealth management and investment banking firm based in St. Louis with a global reach.

Both Blues team leaders and Stifel called the sponsorship an extension of the partnership between two St. Louis-made organizations committed to the community.

“What really impresses me with the Blues is how much the fans here really love and respect the franchise. So, for us to partner with them is an easy decision, really easy,” said Stifel CEO Ron Kruszewski.

“By having great partners. And having great partners like Stifel that have become so connected to our team. It makes us better on lots of different fronts,” said Blues President Chris Zimmerman.

The new Blues sweaters will be available to purchase this summer.

These are not the first advertisements to appear on NHL players. The NHL allowed teams to sell ad space on helmets starting last season. At home games, the Blues currently feature the Stifel logo on their blue helmets. On the road, their white helmets display the Enterprise logo.