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ST. LOUIS – St. Louisans are still on cloud nine after the Blues’ dramatic victory in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. Many people have said that this season is playing out like a Hollywood script. You may have seen John Brown’s viral post from Tuesday night about what that script would look like. Here is a look at this most unlikely story, that may be even too bizarre for Hollywood fairy tales.

This is what John Brown posted to Facebook:

If I were to write a movie about a hockey team:

  • I’d begin with a team that has never won Stanley Cup and hasn’t been to the finals in nearly 50 years.
  • I’d put that team in last place in the NHL halfway through the season.
  • I’d fire the coach and bring in a guy that very few people know.
  • I’d promote a rookie goalie… who would miraculously get hot… and lead the team to the playoffs.
  • I’d have one playoff series go to 7 games and win it in double-overtime.
  • I’d have the refs steal another game in overtime (by an obvious penalty that wasn’t called.)
  • After that “hand pass”, I’d have my team outscore the competition 12-2.
  • I’d have one of the hottest Hollywood stars as their biggest fan and even talk about the team on Jimmy Kimmel.
  • I’d also write a story line about how the other professional sports team in town (who everyone loves) starts showing up at games to cheer.
  • During one playoff game, I’d write in a tornado that cancelled the baseball game so the entire city could focus on the clinching game of the Western
  • Conference Finals.
  • Then I’d have them play the team that beat them 49 years ago, from Boston no less.
  • And just for kicks, I’d include a little girl battling cancer who is befriended by the team. She would survive and go on to be at the playoff games.

But who would believe all that?