ST. LOUIS – Bally Sports Midwest has been the primary broadcast partner of the St. Louis Blues for decades. While fans can watch most Blues games on Bally Sports Midwest through April, a handful of games will be on air elsewhere.

The Blues are set to play games on several other channels and streaming services this year, including ESPN, ABC, TNT, ESPN+ and Hulu.

An action-packed season is planned with 80 Blues games remaining over the next six months. Keep an eye out for the following dates for the rest of the season, when the Blues games will only be available on streams aside from Bally Sports Midwest:


These broadcasts pick up after the regular season ends for most college football teams. ESPN and ABC work in tandem to provide the games, though they will usually be played on just on of the channels. Some Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games will be aired through the partenrship, including:

  • Dec. 11 vs. Avalanche (ESPN)
  • Jan. 19 vs. Predators (ESPN)
  • Feb. 16 vs. Devils (ESPN)
  • Feb. 25 vs. Penguins (ABC)
  • April 8 at Wild (ABC)
  • April 13 at Dallas (ESPN)


The Blues second game of the season, Wednesday against the Seattle Kraken already aired on TNT. It’s the channel’s second season streaming hockey games after the NHL’s partnership with NBC ended. These games are generally broadcast on Wednesday, but offer a few other selections every once in awhile. TNT’s slate includes:

  • Oct. 19 at Kraken
  • Nov. 16 at Blackhawks
  • Nov. 25 at Lightning
  • March 15 vs. Wild
  • April 2 vs. Bruins
  • April 12 vs. Stars


These are stream-only games and will not be found on channels from cable providers. Some plans to get ESPN+ and Hulu start as low as $9.99 per month, while Hulu starts at $6.99 per month. Only two Blues games are planned for these streams this year. Those include:

  • Oct. 27 at Predators
  • Jan. 28 at Avalanche

Unless otherwise noted, all games not listed are currently scheduled to air on Bally Sports Midwest. Fans can also watch many of these games through the Bally Sports+ streaming service this year, which offers plans for all Bally Blues broadcasts as low as $19.99 per month. 101.1 ESPN, the radio partner of the St. Louis Blues, will also carry play-by-play audio broadcasts of all 82 regular season games.

Game times, dates, and broadcasts are subject to change throughout the season. Check back for any scheduling updates. For the latest St. Louis Blues schedule, click here.