St. Louis, MO- The Blues win 6-5 in overtime against the Minnesota Wild securing a spot in the upcoming playoffs. With less than a minute into overtime, the blues score the winning goal.

“It was making me so nervous at the end,” said a Blues Fan, “we needed the win and they came through and I was biting my nails the whole time.”

Winning their 8th game in a row, the team is on a roll. After the last 2 years, fans will do whatever it takes to get back to 2019. This includes bringing their baby- or good luck charm.

“This is her 10th game and every time she goes, we just seem to win,” said Blues Fan, Adam Voss.

Since 2020 was in the COVID bubble and 2021 only lasted for one round of the pandemic impacted postseason, things were started to already look up in 2022.

Now with the winning streak, nothing seems to stand in the team’s way to go all the way.

With all their fans by their side, hopes are high for a repeat of their big 2019 championship title.

“Last season didn’t really count, the season that got cut off didn’t really count so this time is the real deal and we got to come back and win the Stanley cup,” said Blues Fan, Tracy Behrle.

“After 2019, it’s just like I know we can do this again,” said Blues Fan, Marc Archambault, “it’s just like just a matter of time, this going to be the year or next year, it doesn’t matter, win, loose or draw, I bleed blue for life…We got married 2 years ago and Gloria was our exit song.”

Here’s hoping for a chance to sing it once again with another cup in tow. Fans can support the blues at any of the next seven games. The season wraps up with a home game at Enterprise Center on April 29th.