ST. LOUIS–The Blues hope their highlights on the ice are what end up getting aired on SportsCenter and social media, but the team has also learned that fun things in the audience can also get it done too. At every home game since 2007, the Blues have done a contest to see if fans in the crowd are a good lookalike for the theme for the night.

Thursday night, for example, the team welcomed the expansion Kraken for the first time, so it looked for fans in the stands who looked like famous people tied to Seattle.

The one that got the most attention recently was December 17th’s version, with a holiday theme designed to find look-a-likes for characters from holiday movies in the crowd during the game against Dallas.

The video was shared widely, on social media platforms, from TikTok to Twitter and Instagram, where it got love from Jennifer Garner.

“Why is this so fun? 🎅🏼☃️♥️🤣” the actress said.

The answer may be authenticity.

“I know people have said ‘oh they’re hiring actors. We don’t have any actors. It’s all just fans that we find that are in the arena. We never invite somebody who we know’s gonna look like a particular look-a-like or anything like that, Eric Siders, a producer for Blue Note Productions told FOX2.

Siders’ team plots out about 26 potential characters at the start of the night and scout out potential matches in the crowd. The goal is to have 12-15 ready to go when the bit starts, usually in the middle of a period to ensure that more people are in their seats and not off getting concessions or using the restroom. They don’t approach potential hits ahead of time.

“There are sometimes where we’ll go to a lookalike that we want to put up and they’re not in their seats so we have to skip that one, but there’s no warning or anything like that. All the reactions are genuine,” Siders said.

While the team says this is all in good fun, there are some rare occasions when one of the featured fans doesn’t take kindly to the bit. In the December 17 display, the audience actually booed a fan who was compared to The Grinch. But he was wearing a Dallas Stars jersey after all.

The Blues host the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night. Siders said it wouldn’t be a surprise to expect a snow theme.