TKO: Blues fans deserved this wonderful Winter Classic

St. Louis Blues
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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – It didn’t take long. After a couple of positive tweets about the Blues, the Blackhawk fans chimed in. “Yeah, uh, too bad you don’t have one of those shiny silver cups.” Fair enough, there is no trophy handed out for the Winter Classic.

For a franchise that always seems to have bad luck. I mean, a goalie once tripped over Sarah Palin’s blue carpet. This was a special day. A day that was years in the making and a memory that will last forever. Even the NHL, the much maligned NHL, jokes about a garage league.

They got it right, they nailed the weather forecast. It rained before and after the Classic. It wouldn’t have been the same without a win over the hated Hawks. Hitch wore a cool hat and Tarasenko scored twice.

Blues fans deserve a day like this. There have been enough days when we hear Erik Johnson fell off a golf kart and they traded Pronger for who? Tom Stillman deserved this just like Enos deserved his 4 and 12 LA embarrassment.

Don’t take it from me. Brett Hull, a guy who’s had some big moments. Hully said, “It was one of the greatest weekends of my life.”

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