ST. LOUIS – One of baseball’s most-storied rivalries returns to Busch Stadium this weekend as the St. Louis Cardinals host the Chicago Cubs for a three-game series.

And what a rivalry it is? Thousands from both fan bases packed Busch Stadium on Saturday for the second game of a three-game series.

For some families who showed up for Saturday’s game, loyalty is divided.

“Well, definitely the Cardinals,” said Jim Bennett. “Of course the Cubs,” said Jade Bennett.

Even with the highly-contested rivalry, not every Cardinals fan finds the Cubs the most fun team to beat.

“I have a special hatred for the Astros,” said Cardinals fan Peter Jones. “I don’t know if that’s fair, but I think the Astros were up to certain amount of shenanigans [during the 2017 World Series].”

Cardinals and Cubs are division rivals, so it means more in terms of standings and playoff contention than other games. The fans may not always like the other teams, but there is a level of respect.

“The Cardinals, their record down through the years, you have to respect,” said Cubs fan Goerge Pokorski. “It really doesn’t make any difference to me. We want to see wins, but I have so much respect for the St. Louis Cardinals. I don’t like them, but you got to respect them.”

The Cubs won the first game of this weekend’s series 3-0 on Friday. The Cardinals won a matinee Saturday by a score of 5-3. The rubber match of the series is set for Sunday. First pitch is set for 1:15 p.m.