FENTON, Mo. – Baseball fans are staying up late Friday as the St. Louis Cardinals close in on a postseason spot. To watch it, fans will need to use an unconvential route.

The Cardinals game against the Dodgers on Friday is part of Apple TV+’s “Friday Night Baseball” programming. It’s the only avenue through which fans can watch.

As a result, some customers have flocked to bars, such as The Post Sports Bar & Grill in Fenton, to catch the Cardinals game and the potential of home run history from Albert Pujols.

Justin Jaczinski is general manager of restaurant’s Fenton location.  He said even though Friday’s game was free on Apple TV+, some fans might not have the ability to stream the game at home.  

“We’ve definitely gotten several calls,” said Jaczinski.  

“It’s a little ridiculous,” said St. Louis Cardinals fan Jeff Pinkley. “He said he did not have the ability to stream Friday’s game. “We all want to watch it.”   

Fans have been flocking to local sports bars. The success of the Cardinals, coupled with Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols announcing this will be their final season, have been factors for increase demand to catch the game.  

Jaczinski said fans have also been glued to television monitors whenever Pujols is up to bat. He said, “They kind of hang on every pitch as it goes in. It kind of gives it a little bit more of an ‘oomph’ to the whole place,” 

Cardinals fan Todd Sundhausen hopes the team’s goal of winning a World Series is not overshadowed by the hoopla surrounding the chase for 700 home runs.  

“I hope the whole Pujols thing isn’t a distraction for the team, but I think they’re strong enough that yeah, I’m hoping they go far,” he said.