ST. LOUIS — Cardinals fans celebrated an Opening Day win of 9-0 against the Pirates at Busch Stadium Thursday evening.

A “sea of red” took over downtown St. Louis earlier in the day. From lifelong fans to those just getting started, everyone was in the Cardinal spirit — including Julie Schaeffer and her young daughter.

“She was born on April 7, and we thought, ‘Oh my gosh. The best day ever because it’s Opening Day!’ And of course, we got tickets, and she loved it. She had a really good day,” said Schaeffer.

This first-time fan was speechless. So many others couldn’t contain their excitement.

“We are super pumped to be here and super excited to cheer on our Redbirds and love to have Opening Day baseball back,” said Cardinal fans Maria Allis and Jerome Chapman Jr.

“It was like everybody had two years of plug-ins to charge up and they let it out,” said Cardinals Fan, Norma Boyer, “It was out there, it was an explosion.”

And they showed it head to toe. Despite the cold, waves of fans braved the chilly weather during the game. packing seats and making some memories.

“Generally, I wear my high socks, my red shoes, my lovely Cardinals jersey, and all that, but it’s cold out today,” said Cardinals fan Bo Thompson. “Didn’t stop me from coming out. It stopped me from dressing normal. I’m still here. I’ll support my Cardinals all the way.”

With a winning score of 9-0, St. Louis Cardinals fans were certainly not disappointed. A big pull of course was the players.

“Molina!” said a family of four.

“Yadi, Yadi, Yadi!” said a group of fans unanimously.

It was a super day for a bunch of superfans, including the infamous St. Louis Superman who plans to retire after this season.

“This is a perfect final year to have,” he said. “My fingers are crossed. I think we can go all the way to October. I really think our city deserves it.”

Many said they hope this game is a sign of what the rest of the season will hold.