ST. LOUIS – Former St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin opened up about his struggles with alcoholism and depression Monday evening via Twitter.

McLaughlin pleaded guilty last week to one felony for a persistent offender of driving, which he received after his third DWI offense. Creve Coeur police arrested McLaughlin on Dec. 4 after he failed a sobriety test in a traffic stop on Interstate 270.

Amid the legal proceedings, McLaughlin announced last month he was “stepping away” Cardinals’ play-by-play duties with Bally Sports Midwest for the first time since 2000.

McLaughlin took to Twitter on Monday to express his sorrow and offer perspective on challenges in his life. His statement, in part, reads:

“I am an alcoholic; I have severe depression and anxiety. I’m a human being, I am flawed, I make mistakes, and some mistakes are more costly than others. In this case, my mistake has taken away my dream job, my career, my dignity, and my self-worth. I’m ashamed, embarrassed, and I am incredibly sad. However, I don’t want pity. I hope this can be a wake-up call if you’re struggling and a push to check on your loved ones even if it’s hard.”

McLaughlin then notes he has battled severe depression and anxiety for many years, attempting to keep that to himself.

“There were members of my family, friends, and colleagues that didn’t know the extent which I was dealing with my deep depression and anxiety. There were some that didn’t know of it all,” said McLaughlin. “I have everything I could have ever wanted in life. A beautiful family, the only job I ever wanted, awesome friends, but there’s always been sadness. Occasionally, alcohol would be the way to mask the pain and the sadness inside me.”

McLaughlin says, prior to his arrest, he had been sober for nearly 10 years. He says he doubled up on three different medication on Dec. 4 and dealt with an empty stomach much of the day before his arrest.

He adds he should have sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous and also sought help from professionals. Ultimately, McLaughlin hopes his message will help others dealing with alcohol, depression, anxiety or similar health conditions get the help they need.

“If you know of somebody that deals with depression, anxiety, or alcoholism, I implore you to not wait and see what happens. Reach out to them and get them help,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin reiterates he takes full responsibility for his actions leading to his DWI arrest and conviction.

“I cannot change yesterday. I can’t worry about tomorrow. I only have today.”

Chip Caray, St. Louis native and longtime announcer for Atlanta Braves games for Bally Sports Atlanta, will take over McLaughlin’s spot in the Bally Sports Midwest booth starting this season.