ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Cardinals fans are letting their frustration be known as the Cardinals’ early-season struggles continue. The Redbirds dropped their sixth straight game Thursday afternoon, falling to an NL-worst 10-22 record.

Boos came out at various times in the Cardinals’ last three games against the Los Angeles Angels, all three ending in defeat. St. Louis is off to its worst start in nearly half a century.

Many fans met with FOX 2 on Thursday to voice their frustrations.

“We have generational talent on the offense side of things, but the pitching just isn’t there,” says one fan. “We’ve got Edman and Goldschmidt and Arenado, a great team, but we have to figure out the pitching. I just had to shield her eyes, so she didn’t have to watch the first game like this and watch the blowout.”

From first-timers taking in today’s day game against the Angels, to longtime fans, almost everyone is feeling some frustration this season. 

“I did leave early,” says Megan Zirkelbach. “You know why. They’re not doing too hot, but we still are Cardinals fans, and we love it. Beautiful out here, just left early.”   

“I am a little disappointed that the organization didn’t go out and get a few more pitchers and a few more people to support what else we gad in place,” said Greg Hollmann. “I kind of feel like they asked for what’s coming for them right now a little bit.” 

Inside something new was heard, “Boo-birds” and outside there were early departures.

“Leaving early,” says Luke Conklin. “I mean, the front office keeps preaching patience. But I don’t have patience to sit through 11 runs, in what four innings.  I don’t have that kind of patience.” 

“It’s pretty disappointing,” says Chris Bray. “Kind of surprising. I didn’t expect them to be this bad this soon. Usually, they dabble around with being .500. But today was just falling off a cliff. It was just a bad game. It’s just surprising how bad they are so early. But you know, there’s a lot of the season left, so you never know.” 

The Cardinals host three more games this homestand against the Detroit Tigers.