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ST. LOUIS – You’re at the Cardinals game, craving some nachos, but worried you won’t make it back to your seat before Nolan Arenado comes up to bat. The Cardinals are trying something new that might help: self-serve concession stands.

“You pick up the items that you want as you go down the line, sort of like you would in a cafeteria,” explains Vicki Bryant, Vice President of Events Services with the St. Louis Cardinals. “And then when you get to the end of the line, similar to a grocery store, you scan your own items, and you are on your way back to the game”

Crews will monitor the hot dogs, pretzels, and pizza slices to make sure they stay hot and fresh through the game. Grab and go ordering is being offered at four stands to start. The team thinks this style of service will get folks back in their seats more quickly.

“As equipment comes in, we’ll have more stand that will transition, and we’re excited to have fan try this out. We think it’s really going to be an improvement in the wait line time,” says Bryant.

But what if you didn’t even have to leave your seat? The Cardinals will be offering more fans the option of mobile ordering through the Ballpark app.

“We tested this last year in a small section of the stadium, in about 3,000 seats and it went really well. So, we’re expanding it this year, up to about 12,000 seats in the stadium,” says Nate Green, the Cardinals’ Hospitality Director.  

In the app, click on mobile order, input your seat and section, and it pulls up a limited delivery menu of classic ballpark eats, along with sodas, seltzers, and beers.

“The fan doesn’t have to miss any part of the game. They can sit in their seat. We’ll bring them their hot dog. We’ll bring them their beer. Whatever it is that is on that menu. And also, we’re hoping this helps lower the lines down at the concession stands.”

Green says fans will find mobile ordering between first and third base on the lower level of Busch Stadium as well as in the Redbird Club.