ST. LOUIS – Some big life changes have come for Harrison Bader within the last week.

The St. Louis Cardinals traded the center fielder to the New York Yankees on August 2. After one week with his new team, he unveiled a new hairstyle.

He posted a video to social media Wednesday morning. In it, he starts by saying “Yeah. I look a little different.” Bader is known for his flowing locks and now he has a tight fade on the sides with more play on top.

The video came in conjunction with a piece he wrote for The Players’ Tribune saying thank you to St. Louis.

“Being a Cardinal in St. Louis is just special,” Bader said. “And I just want to make sure all the fans understand how much I enjoyed playing in front of you guys every single second.”

The Cardinals drafted him in 2015 with the 100th overall selection. He made his Major League debut with the organization on July 25, 2017.

“I still get chills thinking about driving to Busch Stadium from Memphis with my dad for the first time after getting called up. That whole day was like a dream,’ Bader wrote in The Players’ Tribune.

In the video, he said the first thing Yadi told him was that this is a team game and that they’re “all equals. We game plan together. We do this together. We win together. We lose together.”

Bader, 28, has spent the last few weeks on the injured list with a foot injury. He hit .246 with 52 home runs, 168 RBIs, and 55 stolen bases prior to the move.

“I want to be happy about the journey, you know, not that it’s ending, that it happened. You know, that’s the whole point,” Bader said. “Thank you to St. Louis for six seasons in the big leagues. Just thank you.”