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ST. LOUIS – “Is Tyler O’Neill the strongest player in the MLB?”

That’s the question the guys from @batboysbaseball asked the Cardinal’s right fielder.

O’Neill said in the video that about five years ago he hit his personal record on bench press at 425 pounds, but he commented on the video saying he made a mistake and he actually pushed 435.

“I’m not up there right now, but that was a while ago,” O’Neill said about his bench press.

When it comes to squats, O’Neill said he did 495 three to four times. A video posted to his Instagram on December 7, 2018 shows him squatting this weight three times.

“That was that,” O’Neill said to @batboysbaseball about his squat record.

The major leaguer’s dad, Terry, was named Mr. Canada in 1975 for being the country’s top bodybuilder. Being strong just seems to run in the family.