CHICAGO – Coming off a career-worst start, in which he allowed 10 earned runs in less than three innings, St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Jack Flaherty navigated through some tough situations Tuesday, but still finished without another win to his record.

Flaherty stretched five innings, allowed three earned runs and walked five hitters in a no-decision, though the Cardinals prevailed to a 6-4 victory at Wrigley Field against the rival Chicago Cubs.

During a postgame media session, Flaherty was asked about his fastball velocity by Bally Sports Midwest’s Jim Hayes, a question he later clarified he asked because of a discussion in the Cardinals broadcast in which the on-air talent explained why a pitcher might throw at different velocities in certain situations.

Flaherty gave insight as to why it worked to have different fastball velocities, though seemed critical of a few questions and comments, according to postgame footage shared by Bally Sports Midwest.

Before Hayes could finish up asking the question, Flaherty jumped in and said, “The next time somebody wants to mention the velocity on my fastball, just, I’m not going to answer that question.”

Flaherty then explained his approach to changing speeds in fastballs, which ranged from 80s to 90s throughout the game.

“I’m gonna play with the velocity of my fastball based on what the game calls for. I can get outs at 90, I can get outs at 95. I’m going to play with it. I’ve always played with it. I’ve thrown frickin’ fastballs at 87 before in games when I’ve been at my best.”

After that explanation, Flaherty chimed in with criticism about the fastball discussions, saying twice that those who ask questions about the pitch velocity don’t understand pitching.

“I’m just saying, because y’all want to make a big deal out of it, and I’m tired of it. t’s so ridiculous. I’m gonna go for what the game calls for, and that’s part of pitching. So if you want to ask, you don’t understand the art of pitching. I’m gonna go with what the situation calls for and what the game calls for. You have to manage pitch count, you have to manage the way that the game goes. There are certain times when you up it, and now you’re going to start seeing [ninety] four, five, six. Then there are certain times you might need to be like, okay, here [with a slower pitch]. The situation calls for it you bump it back up. That’s the way the game goes. That’s the way you go about the game.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Cardinals writer Derrick Goold then explained to Flaherty that the media and fans might not know unless they ask questions. Flaherty then replied, “Well, then you don’t understand pitching and that is okay.”

Hayes then followed up with his reason why he asked the initial fastball question again, to which Flaherty provided a similar explanation on when to adjust fastball velocities in the game.

Hayes responded about Flaherty’s answers to his questions on Twitter after the postgame session, saying “Oh… other thing. I like Jack Flaherty.”

The Cardinals defense also backed Flaherty by turning three double plays in the game, to which he credits his teammates, but also explained it’s a matter of making the right pitches.

“It’s pitching. You got to make pitches when you need to. When you make pitches, good things happen.

The 27-year-old Flaherty is 2-4 with a 6.18 ERA and a 1.73 WHIP through eight starts this season, largely inflated by his outing against the Angels last week. Flaherty is a free agent at the season’s end if he and the Cardinals don’t agree to a contract extension.