ST. LOUIS – At a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, the food is part of the experience. Sure, peanuts, Cracker Jack, and popcorn are staples. But sometimes you want to try something new.

“We are introducing this year, grilled meatballs. Barbeque meatballs and marinara meatballs, right off of the grill, right into the sauce,” says Norman Taylor, Executive Sous Chef at Busch Stadium.

Chef Taylor promises plenty of hot dogs and brats at Busch, but also new things to discover.

“Of course, we’re going to have regular ballpark food, this is Baseball Heaven. But we got to take it to the next level for the fans. So, you’ll be able to get your regular and your extra.”

Shaved ribeye, grilled to order, on an upgraded cheesesteak. Sweet baby ray’s barbeque sauce back on the pulled pork nachos. And for those with a sweet tooth?

“Dingers donuts is back on the concourse. Right behind section 146.”

The freshly made mini-donuts are a fan favorite and they are about to get even better.

“Come about June, July, when the weather breaks, we will be adding custard to Dinger’s Donuts. House made custard,” promises Taylor.

For the adults, a brand-new favorite might be Island Freeze, a self-service, alcoholic frozen drink section.

“It’s going to be amazing for the entire season, but definitely on those hot days, it is going to be so refreshing, so delicious,” says Mackenzie Rosener with Delaware North Sportservice. “You can expect anything from a Blue Hawaiian, Pina Colada, Cardinal Punch, Strawberry Daquiri. Anything fun that we are going to switch it out with.”

The Cardinals are also welcoming great regional products to the ballpark.

“We’ve got everything from strawberry cheesecake, raspberry, chocolate covered caramel, Cheetos cheese, green apple,” says Tony Davis with Pop Pop Hurray Gourmet Popcorn. Based in Ferguson, coming soon to St. Charles, they are elated to be inside Busch Stadium.

“We’ve only been open a year and a half. To actually be inside Busch Stadium, it’s amazing.”