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ST. LOUIS – After the Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement expired Wednesday night photos of current Cardinals players have been stripped from the website.

This omission has left a lot of blank space on the Cardinals website, and the roster page on the site is especially bare. In the spot where the players’ headshots usually are is now a grey nondescript silhouette.

Major League Baseball wrote a note to fans letting them know this omission of content would be happening.

Until a new agreement is reached, there will be limitations on the type of content we display. As a result, you will see a lot more content that focuses on the game’s rich history. Once a new agreement is reached, the up-to-the minute news and analysis you have come to expect will continue as usual. said.

Players and owners had successfully reached four consecutive agreements without a stoppage, but they have been headed for a confrontation for more than two years. Talks ended Wednesday when management negotiators left the union’s hotel about nine hours before the deal lapsed at 11:59 p.m. EST. Players said MLB did not make any new central economic proposals this week.