The lights are on for the ‘Stay Home Opener’ at an empty Busch Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals

ST. LOUIS, Mo – The lights will be on tonight at an empty Busch Stadium. The Cardinals will not be on the field. The message on the scoreboard says, StayHomeOpener.

The start of the Major League Baseball season has been delayed as the United States fights the spread of coronavirus. The Cardinals Home Opener was set for today.

Busch Stadium’s lights will be on from 3:15 pm until 10:35 pm. The team is asking the public to stay away from the stadium to help with stay-at-home orders.

A new 30-foot-tall World Series Trophy statue has also been installed in Ballpark Village between the PwC Pennant Building and Onelife Fitness. It weighs approximately 6,000 pounds.

Stay in touch with other Cardinals fans celebrating at home by following the hashtag #MyHomeOpener.

See how other fans are celebrating here:


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