ST. LOUIS – Albert Pujols, 42, scored from first Tuesday night on a triple from Tommy Edman, and Edman thought he was “going to be able to chase him down on that.”

Edman hit the ball to right-center field with two outs in the top of the third and Pujols had to turn on the jets because he was being waved all the home. The Marlins threw home but it slipped away from the catcher and Pujols was safe. This play put the Cardinals up 4-0.

For a 42-year-old ballplayer who is the Cardinals’ designated hitter, he’s not known for his running.

“I thought I was going to be able to chase him down on that,” Edman said. “I was just making sure he was going home because I didn’t want to run to third base and have him stay there, but Pop did a good job sending him and getting that read and showed off enough wheels to score on that.”

Fans took to Twitter with their comments on Pujols’ form.

“Albert Pujols scored from first. It was painful to watch,” @jondhoward said.

“Roadrunner? … Or Albert Pujols?” @zrbecker13 said.

“Albert Pujols runs like a MSgt with 11 deployments under his belt,” @simkins_jd said.

The Cardinals won 5-1 Tuesday. They take on the Marlins Wednesday in Miami at 5:40 p.m. CDT.