ST. LOUIS – Could longtime catcher Yadier Molina return to the St. Louis Cardinals in a coaching role? It’s a possibility that FOX 2’s Martin Kilcoyne first introduced earlier this month, and new comments provide further insight on a potential reunion.

“I think there is something cooking with St. Louis. There is a 90 percent chance that it happens,” Molina told Puerto Rico radio station WKAQ 580, as first shared by KTRS sports reporter Luis Nolla.

Molina adds, “St. Louis has given me the opportunity [to consider coaching]… It would be an opportunity that it will be hard to say no to. I love St. Louis.”

FOX 2 previously reported that Molina and the Cardinals had discussed coaching opportunities and there had been mutual interest, but when that might materialize or to what exact capacity remains unknown.

Molina, the Cardinals’ lead backstop from 2004-2022, has been instrumental in guiding pitchers and building trust with many hurlers throughout the year. Perhaps his guidance would best be suited in a role where he continued to work closely with pitchers, some of whom he caught as recently as two seasons ago.

According to his recent comments, Molina added has had various offers in the United States to coach over the past few years and envisions coaching in the US in some capacity in the future.

Molina managed Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Classic last spring, leading his country to one of the later stages of the tournament. Since retiring last year, Molina also has had some coaching and leadership experience with various professional baseball and basketball teams overseas.

NOTE: Video is from Martin Kilcoyne’s initial TKO report of Yadier Molina and potential interest in a coaching role with the Cardinals.