Albert Pujols recently achieved a level of greatness only three others in Major League Baseball history have matched as home run number 700 flew out into the dodger stadium seats Friday night.

St. Peters native Julie Deters and her family were there to see it all. They were sitting in left field section 305. Home run number 700 landed just feet in front of them.

“I mean, it happened so fast,” Julie said. “I’m thinking, oh my god, it’s going to hit me in the head. My husband jumped up on their bench seats there at dodger stadium. As soon as he could figure out that it was just coming straight towards us, he actually got pushed off the bench, and at that time, it was over. We could actually hear the w of the ball coming.”

The fan who caught Albert’s 700th home run left dodger stadium with the baseball after Major League Baseball officials authenticated it. Julie admits It would have taken some convincing for her to give the ball back as well.

“We’re huge Cardinal fans,” Julie said. “Hopefully, we would’ve gotten to meet Albert.”
“Grabbing that ball was a life-changing event,” Julie continued. “We would love to have it, of course. You’d be crazy not to.”

But as cool as it would have been to snag the historic baseball, it was even better to be a witness of history.

“It was the best day ever,” Julie said. “It was, it was amazing. We’re so happy to be able to have traveled, and got to see it in person and just been there. Even my 22-year-old daughter, that’s not really a big sports person, she’s like, this is the best vacation I’ve ever had.”