ST. LOUIS – There are jerseys on statues, city monuments shining red, and new menu items at restaurants—all for City SC’s first ever playoff game.

City SC’s Painting the City Red initiative is taking over St. Louis during the MLS playoffs.

“I think we are going to go all the way, I think we have to,” Balkan Treat Box owner Emir Nalic said.

Several partnered restaurants will be introducing new menu items, including Anthonino’s, Amighetti’s, Balkan Treat Box, BEAST Craft BBQ, Bold Spoon Creamery, Hank’s Cheesecakes, Ices Plain and Fancy, and Wally’s.

“We kind of went to the drawing board to see what we’ve been working on that’s red, and we had some good stuff to pull it off,” Anthony Favazza said.

Amaghetti’s, which partners with Hank’s Cheesecakes, is putting a spin on its Amaghetti Special sandwich and introducing a City Red raspberry cannoli and City Red raspberry cheesecake.

At the Balkan Treat Box, it’s a spin on its CityPark beef kebab called the City Pride.

“We figured we’d introduce something new here at the restaurant to celebrate and get people in the right mood,” Nalic said.

Several downtown monuments will also be getting a makeover. Statues in Aloe and Kiener plaza can be seen wearing City SC jerseys while some city monuments like Busch Stadium, the St. Louis Science Center, Wheel, and Zoo, will start to shine with a City red hue.

City SC takes on Sporting KC at 9 p.m. at CityPark.

As part of the Painting the City Red Initiative, CityPark will allow all 22,500 fans on Sunday into the stadium early for the first time for the City red out, where the stadium lights up red.