Parking garage added to St. Louis CITY SC development plans

St. Louis City SC

ST. LOUIS – A new parking garage is in the works next to the site of the St. Louis CITY SC stadium.

The parking garage will provide replacement parking for businesses that had employees park where the new stadium project is now located.

The four-level, 220,000 square foot parking garage will offer 50 bike parking spots, 30 electric vehicle charging stations, and 450 traditional parking spaces. The building will also offer retail space on its first level.

The parking garage will be located in the 1900 block of Olive.

“We are especially excited about the multiple largescale folding doors that can be opened to create a canopy shading for flexible pop-up events and retail,” Snow Kreilich Architects Founding Principal Julie Snow said. She led the new parking facility’s design team.

“The team recently finished the steel construction and pre-cast phases of the stadium with work progressing on the exterior enclosure and interior mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and finishes,” St. Louis CITY SC said.

The first seats at the stadium will be anchored in early next year.

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