ST. LOUIS — Legends of wrestling once flocked to St. Louis for some of the sports greatest events.

Team Ambition is hoping to help bring back those moments to the group’s city.

“This place has such a rich history in wrestling,” Team Ambition founder Davey Richards said.

Richards has his own rich history as well.

Currently signed to Major League Wrestling, Richards has enjoyed a career full of titles, including a one-time ROH World Champion title and an eight-time world tag team champion. He hoped to give back to St. Louis through his sport, but first he needed a team.

“I happened to wander into a gym in South Broadway and found these guys,” Richards said of his future coaches. “They needed a coach and I needed a team. We took a chance and, so far, it’s paid off.”

His team consists of independent and pro wrestlers Mike Outlaw, WARHORSE, Camaro Jackson and Tootie Lynn.

Just six months ago, the Team Ambition was born.

“What we are doing is we are training the future of pro wrestlers to come out of St. Louis,” Outlaw said. “Anything you can ask for in a professional wrestling gym you can find right here in the Team Ambition Dojo.”

Fortunately for students like Jordan Jinkerson, that opportunity was close by in his hometown.

“I knew a good wrestling school in Chicago and I was planning on going over there,” Jinkerson said. “Team Ambition came out of the blue…. It’s just really awesome.”

Jinkerson was the first student to earn a Team Ambition Scholarship during the group’s first open tryout.

Katie Zemke was the second, earning her scholarship after driving nine hours from Minnesota to Missouri to take a chance on her dream with Team Ambition.

“Now it’s just surreal,” Zemke said. “I watched WARHORSE in Chicago at Warrior and then at First Wrestling he was a regular. Now, he’s my coach.”

Team Ambition currently fields nearly 30 students, hoping to get to 50 by the end of their first year. Each student offers another opportunity for Team Ambition to grow its family, grow the sports and grow the visibility of St. Louis.

You can keep up with Team Ambition events and opportunities via the group’s twitter page @TeamAmbitionSTL.