ST. LOUIS — Ever show up to work or meeting and you know you forgot something? I’ve been having that feeling all day. That’s right, I was supposed to meet the new sponsor for The Kilcoyne Opinion.  

They sent the Pasta House tomato! It looks like it doesn’t talk, but there are notes titled, “Ways to Improve the Nightly TKO.”  

I’m sure that’s not necessary. Just like the Pasta House, we use the best ingredients. Something fresh like that opening kickoff for the Buffalo Bills. After the week they had they opened with a touchdown on the kickoff. That was cool.  

What else? Oh, add spice? Sure, catch people off guard. You know, like that crazy Chiefs huddle against the Raiders. Everyone’s spinning.  

What’s this last one? Don’t be a meatball. Oh, I get it, that’s for me. Allright, “Martins, always acting like a meatball.” OK I got it. 

You know, leave the cheese for the cheese bread, I get it. You know, I guess it’s more than a sponsor. It came with a little critique as well.  

OK, comedy is hard but deciding where to go to lunch or dinner is easy. It’s the Pasta House. We welcome them as a sponsor of The Kilcoyne Opinion. You can stop by and see them at 18 area locations.  

Keeping it fresh, with just the right amount of spice. That is great advice for a meal or a nightly commentary. But that was a first for me, getting feedback from a tomato.