TKO has been known to salute family and friends. This time “The Kilcoyne Opinion” recognized a colleague who became a friend and now feels like family to Martin. It’s a fond farewell to Randi Naughton who is retiring from FOX 2 after 30 years at the station. Before she became John Pertzborn’s sidekick in the mornings, Martin was her sidekick in the sports office when he first started in 1997.

“She can be brassy and bossy, but I loved it. Her confidence gave me a boost when I was “the new guy” in the department. She didn’t suffer fools and if an athlete was foolish enough to give her some lip, they would suffer,” Kilcoyne said “Randi’s a true pro, shows up every day, and gives it her best. She’s got that Buffalo blue collar in her DNA, just like her beloved Bills, they’re going to fight you to the finish. Being a woman in sports 30 years ago, you had to be tough. Randi outlasted Mike Keenan and all the other critics. She’s been a great broadcaster and an advocate for St. Louis, but she’s ready to focus on her three favorite things: her family, her camera, and her cabernet. So let’s offer up a TKO toast to my friend Randi who goes out the way she came in, sassy and classy.”

Everyone who worked with Randi over the years will dearly miss her. She retired on Tuesday, July 19.