ST. LOUIS – Through a sea of blue there’s also plenty of green at the Blues’ Salute to Military Night. Among the crowd of hockey fans at Enterprise Center were several veterans that were honored.

Halfway through the first period, one veteran got his own shining moment in the spotlight at Enterprise Center.

“I really don’t feel like a hero,” Greg Burian said. “I was a flight medic in the Air Force, and I’m a nurse now.”

Back in August, Burian leaped into action on a flight from St. Louis to New York City helping an unresponsive passenger come to.

“To me, that was the obvious thing to do,” Burian said.

Not only was Burian honored on Thursday, but he also spoke with the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, who caught wind of Burian’s heroic act.

“We talked about the Blues Warrior Hockey program quite a bit and how we could get more veterans involved,” Burian said.

Burian plays for the Blues Warrior Hockey program, which helps disabled vets play hockey.

“We started a little over three years ago,” Burian said. “It went from two teams to four teams and within the last year we got our fifth team.”

The league’s now grown to more than 100 players, with Burian as one of the leading forces.

“I’m just honored to be representing the Blue Note in any way that I can,” he said.

Burian explained that the Blues Warrior Hockey program has about 25 players on its waiting list as it continues to grow.