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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Women looking for a private place to workout in the metro could soon find their zen at Blush Fitness. Kelly Gellert opened Blush Fitness, Overland Park’s first all-women gym, in January of 2017. 

“Whenever I would start to weight train or do a new exercise I would always feel self conscious because there would be all these men or muscle guys around. I’m like they probably think I have no idea what I’m doing or this or that. It’s just relieving to have this because you don’t have that on your mind,” Gellert said.

Blush got national attention after a Tik Tok video recently went viral for showcasing how the gym makes one member feel safe during her workouts.  That video has been liked 1.8 million times and shared close to 37 million times.

Gellrty said Blush is designed with privacy in mind. Gym members need a key to enter the building. Windows are tinted to prevent people from looking inside. The gym posts designated hours when male staff may be in the building for maintenance. 

Lillian Clark has been a member at Blush Fitness for nearly two years.She works as a nurse and says having access to the gym 24/7 makes it easier to fit in a workout on her own time. 

“I decided that I needed a life change. I was going to work and preaching this healthy lifestyle to my patients and decided I should have taken a chapter from my own book, that’s when I joined Blush,” Clark said. “I just love the atmosphere that it’s all women and 24 hours and I can come when I want to.”

Clark said the gym being women-only helps take the pressure off when trying a new workout routine.

“I don’t feel the pressure of some guys being in here. If I use a machine wrong, I’m just around women who are like ‘yeah that’s how you do it’,” Clark said. 

Blush offers personal training, group training and group exercise classes all taught by women. 

Gellert says while it’s great to have a place to get in shape, it’s not just about getting in a good workout. She said her goal is to make it a space to support women’s physical, mental and emotional health.

“Yes everyone wants to look great and better, but at the same time we want to feel better. I think that’s more important that anything,” Gellert said. 

Gellert said women interested in enrolling should contact the gym to schedule a tour during staffed hours. You can find more information on Blush Fitness here.