ST. LOUIS – Truck prices grew 50% faster than average vehicle prices year over year, but for many consumers, the real value is in the perks.

Car-shopping marketplace (NYSE: CARS) today released its first-ever Pickup Truck Buying Guide, an in-depth, comprehensive review of America’s 2023 truck-market landscape that speaks to Americans’ enduring love for pickups. The report provides consumers with deeper insight into the crowded field of trucks to help make more informed purchasing decisions, especially as affordability is top of mind.

“Pickup trucks are consistently some of the most searched vehicles on In fact, searches for new pickups despite the increasingly high price are as strong as ever, up 4% over 2022,” said Aaron Bragman,’s Detroit bureau chief. “And for good reason: Pickup trucks offer more versatility and utility and can haul, tow and go off-road and are increasingly becoming great family vehicles. For shoppers ready to take the plunge, our new Pickup Truck Buying Guide helps them navigate the current market and narrow down their choices.”’s Pickup Top Picks

In its inaugural Pickup Truck Buying Guide, considered more than 25 pickup trucks and evaluated each make and model on features, performance and pricing to arrive at its 2023 list of

Top Picks: Budget-Friendly: 2024 Ford Maverick

Family: 2023 Ram 1500

Towing, Light Duty: 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Towing, Heavy Duty: 2023 Ford Super Duty F-250/350

Luxury: 2023 Ram 1500 Limited, Limited Longhorn

Off-Road: 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor

Urban: 2024 Hyundai Santa Cruz

Raking in the Cachet

According to a recent survey by, truck owners get more compliments about their truck than other vehicles they’ve owned, and about 47% of consumers say pickup truck owners are more attractive.1

“Pickups are a popular choice for many practical reasons, but the cultural and social influence of pickup trucks in America shouldn’t be underestimated  there’s a certain cachet that comes with being a pickup truck owner,” continued Bragman. “But trucks come at a steep price. Shoppers can prepare financially and consider all the options that fit their budget on”

Luxury Pricing Meets Rugged Reputations

As the automotive market continues to fluctuate, a notable disparity has emerged between the price of pickup trucks compared to the average car. The average price tag on a new vehicle is over $50,000, marking a nearly 4% increase year over year in August. This amount is eclipsed by the average price of new pickup trucks, which has soared to more than $60,000 a nearly 6% surge YOY.2

This trend is also mirrored in the used-vehicle market, albeit with a larger contrast: While the average price of used vehicles is down almost 6% YOY, settling at over $30,000, used pickup trucks are seeing a substantial hike in value. The price for used trucks is currently averaging nearly $43,000, representing a significant 9% upswing YOY.2

Is the Spark There Yet? The Current State of Electric Pickup Trucks

As consumers become more interested in electric vehicles, pickup trucks are also starting to get the electric treatment. Fully electric trucks bring the benefits of not using fossil fuels, high power output and the potential for strong off-roading capabilities, but at the cost of limited towing range and payload capacity  key selling points for truck owners.

That’s not the only cost consumers have to face. The average price in August for a new electric pickup was more than $94,000.2 Consumers have taken notice: Three in four pickup truck shoppers surveyed say they are not likely to purchase an EV for their next truck purchase, citing purchase price as their top concern (58%) followed by range limitations (49%).3

For more information, read the 2023 Pickup Truck Buying Guide. For more reviews, car-buying advice and tips, visit


The Pickup Truck Buying Guide evaluates a variety of pickup trucks available on the market today, based on real-world testing by’s team of editorial experts.

1 consumer survey; Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2023; 1,378 responses

2 internal data; August 2023

3 consumer survey; Aug. 18-Sept. 5, 2023; 1,934 responses

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