ST. LOUIS – Going through the holidays when you have just separated or are newly divorced is never easy.

Mark Haefner is a family law attorney and knows how difficult the holidays can be. Monday he gave some great advice on what to do with the kids and making this time extra special. He also reminded us that it’s a time to take care of yourself and do your best to be good to your ex and their partner. The idea, he said, is to love the family more than you hate your former spouse.

Call the Haefner Law Office if you need help – they offer flat rate pricing on divorce, and claim that settling means the divorce can get done in about 45 days, rather than the trials which can take up to two years. 

To learn more or to receive a copy of Mark’s book ‘Exit Strategy,’ reach out to the Haefner Law Office at 317-200-6101.

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