ST. LOUIS – When the time comes for the kids to go back to school, it’s also a time to brush up on the lessons of love and tolerance.

Communication is key with divorced or separated parents. Make sure everyone is included in the parent portal for their kid’s school. This is just one of many tips the Haefner Law Office gives their clients.

Family law attorney Mark Haefner, and his team will be able to give you trustworthy counsel. Mark is focused on the family and makes decisions that will benefit his clients and their children.

Call the Haefner Law Office if you need help; they offer flat rate pricing on divorce and say settling means the divorce can get done in about 45 days rather than the trials, which can take up to 2 years!

To learn more or to receive a copy of Mark’s book ‘Exit Strategy‘, reach out to the Haefner Law Office at 317-200-6101.

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