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ST. LOUIS – Three St. Louis based entrepreneurs come together to create cocktail kits that take the guesswork out of beautifully curated cocktails at home.

Kevin Lemp, Founder and Owner of 4 Hands Brewing Co and 1220 Artisan Spirits, Andy Kim, Founder and CEO of MIKA and Lovewell Group, and restaurateur Ben Poremba, Chef and Owner of Bengelina Hospitality Group, introduced Punch 5 Libations, a line of products intended to make you the hero of your next party!

Their expertly curated and easy-to-use kits can be used to effortlessly make craft cocktails at home,
infuse your own spirits, and make your own bitters.

Taking a break from booze? Make a mocktail instead by using hot water and allow it to steep for 10 minutes and allow it to cool before serving. One of the best aspects of this product line is that it allows for further experimentation and imagination from the end-user. Enjoy it how you want and have fun with it!

The formulas for each “punch” have been composed for excellent taste, quality, balance, and sophistication. Each “punch” has a unique aroma with a distinct and bold flavor. The ingredients, which include spices, dried fruits, vegetables, flowers, barks, and botanicals, have been carefully selected and sourced.

The process is easy: FILL your punch with suggested (or desired) spirit, allow it to INFUSE for 24-72
hours, and STRAIN. Once infused, the spirit can be kept at room temperature. It`s recommended to
consume the infused spirit within 60 days. The libations can be served simply over ice and cut with
sparkling water. Punch 5 Libation’s website and social media accounts contain many recommendations and serving suggestions.

Each punch serves 6-8 drinks and retails for $25. Punch 5 will be available at select retailers and

Learn more at punch5libations.com.

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