ST. LOUIS – 4 Hands Brewing Company launches a series of new beers inspired by the ‘80s animated series ‘Voltron.

Five breweries from across the country will create their own recipe, which will be brewed at 4 Hands. The Voltron beers will be released in six volumes over the next two years.

So far, two volumes are out: ‘Narrow Gauge’ in Florissant created the Yellow Lion, and it’s a Double Hazy IPA. Volume two is from Southern Grist Brewing in Nashville, Tennessee. The others coming are Hop Butcher for the World in Chicago, Tripping Animals Brewing in Doral, Florid, and WeldWerks Brewing in Greeley, Colardo.

Now we know there are only five robots in Voltron, the sixth beer will be a barrel-aged blend created with all participating breweries.