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T-Mobile has been working on wireless technology to help manage your life, your most precious items, and more. The average American spends 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items. T-Mobile recently launched SyncUP Tracker. This device can be placed in your luggage, bags, or bike, and allow you to find it using an app on your phone if it becomes lost. The difference between this device and others is that it’s connected to the T-Mobile network instead of Bluetooth to be tracked.

Tracking your car is another common and important item people like to keep tabs on. T-Mobile’s SyncUP Drive plugs into a port in your car and can track your vehicle’s diagnostics like fuel levels and battery and engine performance. It can also alert you if your car is being broken into. If you’re a parent with a new teenage driver, you have the ability to set up a perimeter and will be alerted if your teenage driver goes outside that geofenced area.

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