MS5: Robopine leaves the Spicy 6 while remaining celebrities prepare for quarterfinals

The Masked Singer
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ST. LOUIS – The Spicy 6 battled it on The Masked Singer Season 5 tonight with hopes of moving on to the quarter-finals next week. For the first time in masked singer history, all of the singers took off their masks, exposing celebrities like never before.

Adding to the excitement, Nashville recording artist, Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress, and “This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz joined us in this episode as a guest panelist.

Every week there has been a clue the host brings the panel judges and us at home. This week we got a Mind Reader Clue, a special x-ray showing what’s going on in the celebrity contestants’ minds.

In the clue packages, celebrities dived a little deeper into who they really are. Let’s get into the spicy performances.


Clues: He is a family yeti, a dad. Him and his nanna have an unbreakable bond. There was also a pacifier and 5 ice-cream cones.

Song: “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.

Mind reader clue: Corn on the cob- popped in his mind.

Chrissy guessed Jason Derulo and Trey Songz. Ken guessed Vin Diesel


Clues: Most people don’t know his family was on food stamps and it was rough, but he will never forget his school’s field trip to a magical theme park. Someone who was part of the journey who isn’t here anymore. There were also “Comedy and Tragedy Masks”, darts, and balloons.

Song: “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men

Mind Reader Clue: A lightbulb- Not hurting for ideas, addicted to creativity

Jenny guessed Usher or Forest Whitaker. Nicole guessed Tyrese. Chrissy guessed Tank


Clues: When he was younger, him and his fraternity brothers shaved their heads right before the first party of the year. He learned he has a big apple-shaped birthmark on his head, losing him the girl of his dreams. He found a girl who doesn’t care about his birthmark. There was also a brush, scissors, fake vampire teeth, numbers 1-5, and gold bars.

Song: Against “All Odds” (Take a look at me now) by Phil Collins

Mind Reader Clue: Cluedle-Doo interrupted and said he’s been following this guy since he’s been catching touchdowns from Dan Marino.

Ken and Robin guessed Taylor Lautner. Nicole guessed Brian Litrell or Nick Lachey

Black Swan

Clues: She is finally having fun and is not afraid anymore. When she was younger, she used to sing for people on the street. Her performance tonight was by one of her favorites of all times. Thee was also an umbrella, “swan kissed soda”, 2 cups, 2 umbrellas, and a picture of New Hampshire.

Song: “Do I do” by Stevie Wonder

Mind Reader Clue: Mariah Carey- she’s a huge fans of her so passing her record was fun.

Robin guessed Christina Milian. Ken guessed Mandy Moore.

Russian Dolls

Clues: Even though there was just the two of them in the package, they were speaking for everyone else as well. Growing up, they were laughed at even about how they look. They were often criticized but embraced not being the coolest. Helping others see what’s inside matters the most. There was also a nickel, dime, skillet, belt buckle,

Song: “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Mind Reader Clue: Kangaroo- Just like kangaroos with their joey’s, you never know how many of the Russian dolls can pop out.

Jenny guessed Hanson. Ken guessed Nickelback


Clues: The secret to getting it right is to do something that speaks to you, on the show he found his groove by making it his own. He was a military kid, made him understand the importance of unity. There was also a sign that read “Brownies for $ale, a captain’s hat, and plane

Song: “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” by Busta Rhymes

Mind Reader Clue: Sneakers- This clue should take you a step in the right direction, or maybe the left

Ken guessed Yung Thug. Nicole guessed Snoop Dogg.

At the end of the episode, we said goodbye to our prickly cyborg Robopine who was unveiled to be actor, singer, and songwriter Tyrese.

First impression guesses: Nicole, Jenny, and Ken guessed Jaime Foxx. Nicole changed her guess to Tyrese. Chrissy also guessed Tyrese. Ken changed his guess to Wesley Snipes. Robin’s first guess was Ginuwine, but he changed his guess to Terrence Howard.

Next week, join us for the quarter finals.

Will you know who’s behind the mask? Let us know locally, using #MS5STL.

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