River City Casino hosts Guns ‘N Hoses weigh-in

The anticipation of the annual Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses is bringing out some good-natured back and forth during Monday afternoon’s weigh-in at River City Casino.

River City Casino hosts Guns ‘N Hoses weigh-in

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The anticipation of the annual Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses is bringing out some good-natured back and forth during Monday afternoon’s weigh-in at River City Casino.

Reflecting on the anniversary of the deadly 2021 …

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Today marks the second anniversary of the deadly 2021 tornado outbreak that took several lives in the St. Louis area, including six at the Amazon fulfillment center in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Extreme Weather Specialist Chris Higgins takes a look back at a night few in this area will ever forget.

Vet getting back pay after You Paid For It report

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New information about one of the most significant You Paid For It Reports of the year. It’s our report on the Veterans Administration not paying an army veteran his pension check for five months. His wife called the You Paid For It team when she couldn’t get through to VA for help. He will now get back pay in addition to monthly checks going forward.

Massive soda memorabilia collection opens to the …

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man spent his life collecting merchandise from his favorite soda brands, and now it's all on display at the new St. Charles Soda Museum and Arcade.   It is located on North Main Street in the heart of St. Charles, along the Missouri River. Owner Tom Smith says he's collected vintage soft drink advertising for the last 39 years. He finally got to put his collection on display.

Getting the museum and arcade ready for business wasn't easy or cheap. Smith says he had to sell much of his other investments to have enough to fulfill his one true dream.

Three FOX 2 employees honored during 1st Black Girls …

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Three members of our FOX 2 family are being honored as part of the Black Girls Who Rock awards. It's the first edition of the event.

The ceremony acknowledged about 100 African American women for being trailblazers in their chosen profession. It was held at Lindenwood University on Sunday.

Audio engineer and reporter Taylor Harris, supervising producer Kimberly Young, and engineering operations supervisor Lissa Marteen were among those being honored.

Among other notable honorees was Jennifer Lewis, the actress from Kinloch, who recently appeared on such shows as Black-ish.

Gas prices plummet in Missouri

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The price for a gallon of gas is taking a major dip.  The national average for a gallon of gas has dropped considerably, to just $3.20. That's 15 cents less than it was a year ago.

In Missouri, it's even lower than that, at just $2.75 per gallon. AAA says it's pretty typical for the price of gas to drop at this time of year, with people waiting longer in between trips that don't involve essential travel, like going to work.

AAA also says that more than half of all gas stations in the country are charging less than $3 per gallon.

March for Israel in University City Sunday

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More protests were held in our area today regarding the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The Jewish Federation of Saint Louis marched today in University City to demand the release of the hostages held in Gaza.

The march began at the intersection of Kingsland Avenue, and Delmar Boulevard. Today's speakers were from Washington University. A rabbi offered prayers.

This comes after the United States this past week rejected a UN resolution calling for a cease-fire.

Burglars steal $35,000 in candles from a St. Louis …

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Several downtown storage units were burglarized over the weekend. At least one tenant is calling on the facility's owner to do more to protect their belongings.

One of the tenants says burglars stole $35,000 worth of candles from his storage unit. They tore the door off to gain access and left a mess behind.

Hancock & Kelley: Money fo Ukraine

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It was another Sunday morning of sometimes heated but always civil political debate on Hancock and Kelley, Sunday, December 10, 2023. John Hancock, Republican consultant, on the right and Michael Kelley, Democratic consultant, on the left, took on the following topics:

President Biden makes a rare national address from the Oval Office, pushing for tens of billions of dollars in more aid for Ukraine as it fends off an ongoing invasion from Russia.

President Biden’s son, Hunter, has been indicted on nine counts of alleged federal tax crimes as Republicans move forward in the impeachment inquiry of the President.



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