Do you watch FOX 2 News at 9am?  This show isn’t like the other newscasts in town. We feature over five guests from the area per program.  You’re a big part of that process.  Our producers need your pitches to make the show fun, engaging and informative.  Tell us if you’re hosting an event, breaking a world record,  have a new invention, part of a movement, going viral, or anything that may be newsworthy.

Three and It’s Free

“Three and It’s Free” is our contest to reward loyal viewers.  Just watch FOX 2 news at 9am fill out the form on our contest page and you might get a phone call from Kim Hudson.  Each day Kim asks viewers to name three things they saw on the show.  If you name three things you saw on the show then you could win a prize from FOX2.

Share your story idea with Kim Hudson here:


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