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Dave murray’s latest stl forecast and weather disco:

***record heat possible wednesday afternoon…The record 85 degrees from 1940…Much colder weather takes over thursday night and friday.***


Partly sunny, breezy and warm
Winds: south 10-20 m.P.H.
High: 85 degrees

Wednesday night:

Clear skies and pleasant for october
Winds: south 5-10 m.P.H.
Low: 65 degrees


Partly sunny…Then increasing clouds and still mild
Winds: south 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 82 degrees

A cold front rolls in thursday night and friday with showers and storms and colder weather..Chilly and quiet over the weekend

The weather disco:

There is a ton of weather action on the maps…Lets start with the large scale…We have a new tropical system in the caribean…Sandy…A late season system and this will blow up into a monster hugging the east coast…But a major concern for jamacia, east cuba and the bahamas’s…From there the solutions vary greatly…To staying out to sea to rolling along the east coast from flroida to new england to turning into delaware to new york city…Still a long way to go with this system…No matter what the path…It is a massive storm. Next is a very impressure system over the western u.S….Big rains, wind and mountain snow over the northwest, northern california and into the northern and central rockies. This becomes a player for us late week…Sending an impressive cold front our way…Thursday night and friday. So after possible record heat and summer-like wednesday and still mild on thursday…A drastic temperature change for thursday night and friday…With periods of rain and storms…Most of the wet…Behind the front..So severe weather will be tough to find. We are talking about 85 on wednesday…82 thursday…55 degrees on friday…And a chill and quiet over the weekend..Highs in the low 50’s…Near freezing at night. How does the hurricane along the east coast affect our weather…Tough to say this far out but it will stop all west to east motion…Just a question what we stop with…Remeber…This east coast hurricane is for next week.

Check out all the maps below: click on links…They will give you a great overview of the weather

Surface map:


National radar:


Severe weather:


Prog maps:


Snow maps:


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