The St. Louis Allergy index gives you an idea of what is blooming in the area. The index updates daily and will give you an idea if mold, mulberry, oak, ash, or sweetgum pollen is in the air. The ranges in the report go from low to very high. It also includes a soil temperature reading at the St. Louis Science Center located near Forest Park.

Allergy sufferers often have symptoms that include a runny nose, some nasal congestion, a lot of sneezing, as well as itchy eyes, nose, and ears.

Protect yourself from seasonal allergies, by limiting your time outdoors on high pollen days. When outside avoid activities that stir up pollen, like mowing or raking leaves. When you come inside take a shower and change your clothes. You can also invest in a portable air cleaner and keep inside temp comfortable with air conditioners, heat pumps, fans and window shades.

Allergists say if you have any symptoms that are out of the ordinary it might be worth a call to your doctor just to make certain it’s not something more severe.

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